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Is Slow Website Affecting Your Google Ranking?

If you don’t already have a responsive mobile friendly site then what are you waiting for? Google not only wants our site to look good on mobile devices, but they must also be fast.  Google web page load time can be checked at PageSpeed Insights.

Another great tool for check page speed is  GTmetrix.

They allows you to check your web sites loading speed for both Google Speed & Yahoo Yslow scores.  This is great to get insight from both of the search longtime search giants.

How does your web site score? Do you want to score better?

Move your web site to the RyanRYAN network, I can GUARANTEE AA speed scores!

Fast sites with 15+ yrs of local enterprise SEO experience and RyanRYAN can be a great partner to any web designers needing technical SEO but wanting to focus strictly on design.

Build your sites on one of my networks and I will make sure you stay fast, always.

Ask about our Alway Live service, we can guarantee no downtime, ever!

Move your site and say good bye to slow loading pages.

Site Migration Best Practices

There are rules to a successful site move.

When re-designing a web site pages are deleted or page url naming convention changes.

Did you know when pages are removed there is a way to prevent users from seeing a page not found error?

Redirects prevent these dreaded 404 page not found errors.

The Fastest Turn Arounds

We have optimized production.

While you may be tempted to go for a full custom web site, there are draw backs.

Custom code takes a long time to write and even longer to debug.

And what about updates, what happens when that custom code is no longer valid?

Premium compatible plugins guarantee faster turn arounds with no limits of functionality.

We Do Shopping Carts

Seemless Stripe & PayPal integration

Shopping cart web sites are a vital part of doing on-line business nowadays.

Not only are shopping cart web sites a convenient way to organize your products, but did you know they also help with ranking during the busy holiday season?

Yes! Shopping cart sites get extra love in the SERPs during the busy holiday shopping season!

Bulk Import of Product

We can import the largest of files.

Do you have many products or services in CSV or XLS format?

Would like to get that file converted into individual web pages added to your web site?

Well, we can help you out.

With current clients having files over 10,000 products, we’ve got the experience to get your large product lists online.

Minified & Compressed Files

Speed matters. Minify.

Every web site on the ryanryan network is optimized right down to code size.

All HTML & images are compressed, CSS & Javascript are minified and in-line styles are moved to external files.

For a peak performance web site, everything must be optimized to work together flawlessly.

Virtually No Wait Site Launch

Staging web sites set up within seconds.

Web site, security, plugins, functionality and settings pre-optimized and copied over to all new sites.

Everything at ryanayryan design has been optimized, right down to our web sites launch times.

Start working on your new site instantly! Or have us re-design with retina graphics!

Are You a Web Designer?

We partner with premium child-theme designers.

Do you love to design on the #1 most popular theme? But hate setting up the site, then installing the right plugins, worrying about security and oh yea making pages load fast.

If you just want to start designing immediately, we have a solution for you.

Blank site set up in seconds, pre-loaded with premium, compatible plugins, iron clad security and speed.

Grow Your Business @ ryanryan design